General Rent conditions    


Tenant: a (natural) person, who rents or wishes to rent a holiday accommodation of Gastenverblijf Ot en Sien. Co-tenant: The person who stays in the holiday accommodation together with the tenant. Manager: The person who, on behalf of the owner of the holiday accommodation, takes over some management jobs concerning the holiday accommodation. Owner: the rightful owner of a holiday accommodation, who has offered the accommodation to gastenverblijf Ot en Sien for rent purposes. 

Relevance General Conditions 

These General Conditions are applicable on all (special) offers of, agreements with, deliveries and services of gastenverblijf Ot en Sien . Deviant conditions, agreements or regulations are only applicable if they have been confirmed by Gastenverblijf Ot en Sien. 

Offers, prices and rates 

Offers made by gastenverblijf Ot en Sien are always without engagement and take place with reservation of interim changes. All records on the website of Gastenverblijf Ot en Sien and possible other written expressions are considered to be supplied in good faith and always take place with reservation of interim changes. gastenverblijf Ot en Sien isn’t committed to evident mistakes and omissions on her website and on possible other written expressions. The tenant declares having taken note of the accommodation’s description on the website of gastenverblijf Ot en Sien and doesn’t want to receive any further description. Prices are always inclusive of VAT but exclusive of other costs like cleaning costs and local fees, determined by and due to the government (tourist tax), will be mentioned separately.  


As soon as we have received a reservation order preferebel through our website or by telephone or in written, you will receive a contract/invoice of your reservation. You must return one copy signed to us by return,or confirm agreement through the mail.The  agreement is completed, only upon receipt of a confirmation (by the tenant) of the contract/invoice. At all times, gastenverblijf Ot en Sien has the right to withdraw a reservation without reason given before the agreement has been concluded. The contract/invoices/and possible other written documents sent by gastenverblijf Ot en Sien contain all relevant data for the stay in the booked holiday accommodation. For the sake of a good reservation and in order to avoid misunderstandings, the tenant is obligated to, after having received the contract/invoice and other written documents, check the correctness and completeness of the booked data and to report possible incompleteness or incorrectness to Gastenverblijf Ot en Sien within 7 days upon receipt of the contract/invoice and possible other documents. If it is not reported within 7 days, the tenant doesn’t have the right to appeal on the incompleteness or incorrectness of the contract/invoice or other documents. 

Payment and further completion 

A prepayment of 50% of the total rent must take place within 7 days. The second part of the rent must be paid 3 weeks before start of the rent period at the latest. Exceptions and therefore other term payments can be agreed in written. In case of reservations (period between reservation and start rent period is shorter than 4 weeks) the total amount must be paid at the same time, either cash or by means of telephonic transfer. Payments can be effectuated by giro, bank or cash. In case of payment per giro or bank, the payment date is the day on which the rent has been credited on the bank account of gastenverblijf Ot en Sien. 


The tenant is liable for all damage to the holiday object, inventory and/or furniture which arises during the rent period, by him or by his co-tenant(s). This will be repaired and charged to the tenant. Mistakes or failures in the rent program of gastenverblijf Ot en Sien cannot commit gastenverblijf Ot en Sien.


In general the holiday object can be entered after 3 pm. In most cases it must be left before 10 am. Deviations will be mentioned on the reservation confirmation. The holiday object may not be occupied by more persons than agreed in written. If it turns out that there are more occupants than agreed, the owner or manager has the right to refuse admission to the holiday object, or to charge Euro 10,00 per extra person per day. This depends on the situation on location. Bringing pets isn’t allowed without written permission. If a pet is found without written permission, the owner or manager hast he right to refuse further admission to the holiday object. The tenant must take care himself of linen such as sheets, slips, tea towels, towels etc. unless otherwise agreed.

On the departure day the holiday object must be left clean, which means the following: everything washed up clean, rubbish bags in the container, garbage can provided with clean plastic bag, blankets or eiderdowns folded up and placed at the foot, refrigerator empty and clean, all food removed, floor swept. 


Should you have any valid complaints of your holiday accommodation, you should contact the owner/manager.

Final condition 

On these conditions only Dutch Law is applicable. All disputes coming form the contract/invoice or other written documents are in the first instance settled by a qualified judge in Holland. None of the parties can transfer her rights and obligations to third parties unless otherwise determined in these conditions. If any condition in the contract/invoice or other written documents and the present condition should appear to be invalid, the other conditions remain valid, and the invalid article is supposed to be converted and to be adapted to the evident intentions of the parties.